We are proud to represent:

Peter Chalmers, Adroit Solutions

Deb Francis, AgRecruit

André Geelen, Ag Services

Jeff Smith, Ahikouka Consulting

Gina de Nicolo, Animal Pharma

Francesco Romanello, A S Harrison and Co

Donald Nordeng, BioGro

Michelle Hickman, Cohesive Office and Regulatory Services

Gavin Hall, De Groot Technical Services

Murray Beare, Educhem

Sheena Bacal Hill Laboratories

Rebecca Fisher, Horticulture New Zealand

Jason Smith, Horteye Consulting

Julia McNab, Intuit Regulatory and Marketing Ltd

Stephen Parker, IPPC

Paul Munro,  JP Munro Consulting

Richard Keene, Keene Manufacturing Solutions

Linda Peacock, Kiwifruit Vine Health

Stephen Ogden, Market Access Solutionz Ltd

Jane Lamb, New Zealand Agrichemical Education Trust

Pip McVeagh, New Zealand Apples and Pears

Colin Bond, NZ Kiwifruit Growers

Andrew Mitchell, NZ Sports Turf Institute

Lidija Petreska, On Regulatory

Ruth Davis, Redcap Solutions

Melanie Walker, Zespri

Paul Munro (2021)

Mark Christie (2019)

Peter Fisher (2017)

Colin Sharpe (2015)

Ross Hore

Donald McPhail

Felix O’Sullivan

Richard Paxman

Fergie Sumich